“Hello World” \n

Obviously, the obligatory “Hello World” that any well rounded Computer Scientist is accustomed to has to be the first post I make. So here it is!


So a bit of background about me. (Which let’s be honest. 5 minutes of Google, and you’ll find all my information anyways, so why not just tell you about myself anyway?) I’m a Junior in College at a phenomenal University, Northwest Missouri State University, and am studying Computer Science and Political Science. Wild combo right? The premise of all my toils and sleepless nights studying the Iron Triangle, International Conflicts, and Fennos’s 4 constituencies, in addition to securing systems, MIPS, data structures and so much more is to get a wonderful job. Let’s be blunt for a moment and examine my goals. Which to be honest is great so I can even think of what I’m doing with my life… End Goal: Work for the NSA, U.S. Military, FBI, CIA, or some other absolutely astounding branch of the bureaucracy investigating cyber-crime, preventing cyber-terrorism, and protecting the good ol’ U.S.A.

My goal with this site, and eventual company if I so choose, is to motivate myself to do more amazing and great things. To infinity and beyond!

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